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Nov. 8th, 2016 05:17 am
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11/08/2016 -- action: πŸŒ™ Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. - Buddha
xxxxxBut ultimately, impermanence is our only truth. Koumyou Sanzo arrives in Genessia.
11/11/2016 -- action: πŸŒ™ Dropping in!
xxxxxSoma Cruz is on an ass-kicking mission in the ruins. Koumyou literally drops in on him. There he go...
11/13/2016 -- action: πŸŒ™ The window-washing priest.
xxxxxKoumyou chats with Abel while he works on a non-combat bounty.
11/13/2016 -- video: πŸŒ™ No wizards.
xxxxxWhat's a wizard?
11/13/2016 -- action: πŸŒ™ But I will always be your light...
xxxxxKoumyou is finally reunited with his son!
11/19/2016 -- video/action: πŸŒ™ If you can't see the sky there's too much artificial light.
xxxxxKoumyou makes a video post about the shrine... and Mr. Wiggles. Sanzo drops by later for sake.
11/21/2016 -- video: πŸŒ™ Congratulations!
xxxxxCassian's not dead yet. Koumyou forces his superbly grumpy son to take a superbly grumpy Cassian some provisions.
11/21/2016 -- video: πŸŒ™ Hello again. You are... awake? Oh. ... Shhhh. Go to sleep.
xxxxxBut I don't wanna go to sleep!
11/29/2016 -- video: πŸŒ™ The moon greets the rising sun.
xxxxxKoumyou makes a very public announcement about his son's birthday, including posting his phone number. Such a good dad!
11/30/2016 -- action: πŸŒ™ Not so bright... and out of the dark comes the moon.
xxxxxKoumyou Sanzo has always had a knack for when he's needed in some capacity, especially on dark nights.
12/02/2016 -- action: πŸŒ™ Singles Night
xxxxxKoumyou causes all kinds of shenanigans in multiple threads.

I don't keep this updated in real-time anymore, so here's the character's game tag as well for anything I haven't added yet.

date -- x: πŸŒ™
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